Cody Morris

Hey, I’m John Cody Morris. I go by “Cody”, but I’ll respond to John if you insist. I’m a former USAF Intelligence Analyst that specialized in nuclear bomber capabilities and weapons systems (specifically the B-2A Stealth Bomber) …turned Visual Designer. Quite the change, I know. To the credit of my time in the Air Force, attention to detail, discipline, and a solid work ethic are a few of the core tenets I’ve been able to implement into my design process.

I graduated from Texas State University with my BFA in Communication Design and currently reside in the Austin, Texas area. I have a passion for UX Design, Branding, Motion Design, and Illustration.

Apart from design (and contrary to my intense past life), I love going on adventures with my wife and tending to the zoo we are establishing at our entirely too small apartment.

I’m a husband, beer lover, pet-dad (23 fish, 2 cats, 1 dog, 1 hamster), avid tree-climber, gamer, and friend. 


2019 - Present

UX Designer | HCB Health

(JUN2019) Established UX best practices and standards agency-wide
Responsible for UX Design and oversight on all client websites, banners, emails and digital products that we produce.

Top clients include: Alcon, Reata, Terumo Aortic, Pacira, SCP Health

2014 - Present


Austin Armadillos Semi-Pro Football Team

Currie Lawn and Landscaping

Navasota Valley Electric Cooperative

Branding Identity for Twitch Streamers

2013 - 2014

MQ-9 Mission Planning Cell Analyst

(MAY2013- MAR2014) 20th Reconnaissance Squadron. Provided time-sensitive, mission-critical intelligence to increase aircrew situational awareness for upcoming missions in the AO.

Interfaced regularly with Special Operations Forces (SOF) and Ground Forces to gather the most up-to-date information regarding friendly and enemy posture in the vicinity of AO.

Maintained repositories of Significant Activity (SIGACTs) in the vicinity of the mission and provided graphical representation for aircrew personnel

2009 - 2012

B-2 Combat Intelligence Analyst

(MAY2011) Awarded Air Force Achievement Medal for actions during Operation Odyssey Dawn

(AUG2009-OCT2012) 13th Bomb Squadron- Developed scenarios to meet bomb squadron learning objectives, instructed and trained bomb squadron pilots, and maintained classified and unclassified technical order libraries

Developed intelligence scenarios leading up to conflict based on real world geopolitical climate to add to scenario realism

Utilized real world intelligence to accurately model every aspect of adversary countries Integrated Air Defense Systems (IADS), communications networks, target locations, order of battle, and key centers of gravity

Responsible for administering IADS briefs, Threat of the Day briefs, B-2 Low level tactics and considerations course and a variety of other special topics briefs and classes

Facilitated mission execution training by serving as a White Force scenario manager where I provided scenario injects, simulated Blue Force assets, and manipulated Red Force assets to achieve the desired learning objectives. I simulated training by acting as White Force, driving the scenario with various inputs at the B-2 simulator control console. I would activate and deactivate enemy threats, construct message traffic, assign new targets, and record data for instructional pilot debriefs

(SEP2009-AUG2009) 509th Operations Support Squadron Operations Shop- While assigned to the 509th OSS Operation shop I constructed and presented intelligence briefs, adversary IADS briefs, Threat of the Day (TOD) briefs, and special topics briefs. Also produced B-2 specific order of battle and satellite collections vulnerability charts



BFA Communication Design TxState


Intelligence Analyst Tech School


Adobe XD / Sketch / InVision 85%
Photoshop 89%
Illustrator 95%
After Effects 80%
InDesign 75%
Html & CSS 85%


I’m always down to collaborate when I have the time. Find me on one of my social pages below, or email me to start that conversation ✌️