Forging a Brand

3 blacksmiths, a forge, and a penchant for heat. One fateful day the blacksmith Thorsen, master of heat, forged the first bottle of Habanero Mango Hot Sauce and shared it with his fellow firey companions and the rest is history.

BLACKSMITH Hot Sauce is crafted by master smiths who are intimately familiar with heat, and they wield it to tame a range of metals. They’ve bottled and expanded that experience into a range of hot sauces that are sure to please heat lovers of all ranges.

The goal was to create a brand that had a spark of machismo, but still relatable. Referenced in the final mark are beautiful wrought iron elements that today’s blacksmiths are all too familiar with.

Final Brandmark

Final Lables

It's all in the material

Along with the masculine brandmark, the packaging had to follow suit. After exploration of various bottles eventually, a warmth was found in antique whiskey bottles.

Initial Mockup

Final Packaging