//what is live?

“Live” is a design conference focused on teaching content creators the value of design in relation to content creation on Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer.
We focus on the entrepreneurial side of content creation and how creators can leverage design to grow their brand and community.


Utilizing the Google sprint process, I created an empathy map to understand my users.


I then mapped out the user flow of the conference app to establish the primary paths my users would take while using the app.



The typeface “Rigid Square” in semi-bold was chosen for its angularity, dynamism, and digital aesthetic to fit with the concept behind the conference.

Borda-Bold was chosen as the subtitle typeface. While similar to the display type, it has the advantage of increased readability in longer copy.
The subtitle also changes when in use with the logotype, depending on the application.


Through a process called “datamoshing”, or corrupting images, I created several glitched textures to be used as brand elements throughout the conference on promo material, banners, and event badeges.

//event badges

The event badges feature datamoshed textures with a primary color to distinguish the 3 different tiers of guests at the event.

//type system

Special characters such as //, [], {},*,>>, and most punctuation are highlighted and used as graphical elements with our brand color “Digital Blue” to reference HTML, CSS, and programming languages which are very prevalent when designing a live stream on virtually every platform.
Flag Mockup


The typographic system also utilizes the special characters less than (<<) and greater than (>>) symbols as a graphic element in wayfinding signage around the event.