The Multidisciplinary Innovation Lab

What is The Mil?

The Multidisciplinary Innovation Lab is a digital fabrication space for currently enrolled at Texas State University Art + Design students. Here, students will learn how to operate the equipment for school-related projects. The MiL is equipped with a laser cutter, die cutter, 3D printers, and a CNC router. 

The Tech

3D Printers

3x world class Fusion Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printers.

Laser Cutter

A state of the art CO2 Laser Cutter that can burn through wood, plastics, and metals.

Vinyl Cutters

2x Vinyl cutters capable of cutting vinyl, wood, plastics, and even metal.

CNC Router

A computer controlled CNC Router that can be used for cutting/carving a wide variety of materials.

When interviewing current MIL users the number one issue presented was the sign-up process that the MIL currently employs.

The Problem

Currently, The Mil has a very inconvenient system for signing up and scheduling to use the services available.

It consists of students being required to physically be present inside The Mil and a dated paper calendar system taped to a whiteboard. This has limited student and faculty use of The Mil to a great extent.

My goal is to address that issue and make a convenient easy to use mobile app that employs great UI/UX design to increase accessibility to The Mil by removing the current sign up/check-in process.

The Process (via Google Sprints)

The first step in the process was brainstorming a list of Hopes and Fears in order to get myself working towards my goals and the obstacles I might encounter.

Empathy Map

I created an Empathy Map to better understand my user and qualms they have with the current non-digital solution offered. I identified several problem areas I wanted to target in my solution.

User Flow

The final step before wire-framing was nailing down the user flow to develop a primary path for my users to follow that was simple and intuitive from start to finish.

Wire Framing

Final Branded UI/UX

The app’s Home Screen displays a tile button set of the current services that The Mil offers, accessible anywhere.

After selecting a service, the user is greeted with an information page about said service detailing required information prior to booking.

RSVP'ing made easy

Users then select a date and time from the available dates and can see a detailed printout of their current RSVP beneath the calendar.

User testing identified that most users would like an option to add their RSVP to their own personal calendar apps for ease of access.

Updating your RSVP

Users can also view or edit their current reservations from the Home screen by click on the “My Reservation” button beneath the four services tiles for convenience.

The My Reservations screen details a list of all current reservations.

Out With The Old

To finish it off with a bow, I created a new logo that was more appropriate for the aesthetic I was looking for.

Original Logo

New Logo