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Humble Beginnings

It began with a single plane.

Lloyd Nolen and a small group of ex-service pilots from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas pooled their money to purchase a P-51 Mustang in 1957. They formed a loosely defined organization to share the pleasure and expense of maintaining the Mustang.

A short while later, the group added a pair of F8F Bearcats to the P-51 Mustang. At this point, the mission of the CAF became clear: save an example of every aircraft that flew during World War II ~ a mission no one else was undertaking.

What started as a hobby became an urgent mission to preserve history.

Warbirds Flight Museums are the largest aviation museums
in the state of Texas and are the only museums to offer
“Living History Flights” on still functioning WWII military
aircraft that are painstakingly maintained everyday.

Brand Pillars


An urgent mission to preserve at least one example of every aircraft that flew during WWII.


Our guests can fly through history on a real WWII Warbird that has been restored to full airworthy capabilities.


All of our pilots are former military pilots that love to reminisce, “talk shop”, and share their love for aviation will people of all ages.


We treat all our guests with dignity and respect, and expect the same of them when around our Warbirds. Mutual respect goes a long way.

Competitive Audit

Original Logo

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Morphological Approach

Color Palette

Fatigue Green

Hex: #403b30
RGB: 63, 59, 49
CMYK: 62, 58, 71, 55
Pantone: 448C


Hex: #d64f3d
RGB: 214, 79, 61
CMYK: 11, 83, 82, 2
Pantone: 2027 C

Primary and Secondary Type

Patterns, Textures, and Elements


One of the largest issues WarBirds was facing was that they had virtually zero advertising in the local market.

I developed a concept for a GPS flight tracking enabled billboard that would update when a WarBirds planes flies overhead.

It would refresh to display a message enticing customers to come to the museum and purchase a “Heritage Flight” to fly on a WarBird.

Guerilla Advertisement

The second campaign would be a series of transparent window stickers that would be placed in the windows of passenger planes.

These stickers would create the illusion of an old warbird flying next to the passenger aircraft when viewed from inside.

Wayfinding devices, inside the hangars, would feature floor vinyls based on the silhouettes of old munitions, instructing patrons where to find their favorite aircraft.

New Primary Signature

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